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FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

So I get lots of questions from people - strangers, friends, family.  Sometimes they are benign, sometimes they are esoteric and other times they are outright strange.  If the answer isn’t 42 then I recommend you ask the duck or look here.  Either way keep moving.


Who are you?

Little Orange Creations is the brain-child of Matt & Letty.  We started developing apps for our daughters who are delighted by the world.


For more, follow us on twitter @LittleOrangeC



I've got a great idea for an App - can you help me?

No.  Sorry - I already have a list of apps that I want to develop and not enought time to develop them all. Now if you want to help ME then let me know once you've published your first app :)

How can I learn to program Apps?

A lot of good open-source reference material was used in the creation of our apps.  If you are interested in iOS development we recommend you check out these sites.


Learning Objective-C


Good Code


Icons / Graphics




Technologies & Data

Privacy Policy

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