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HELP for the Fireworks app

We programmed the fireworks app to be as intuitive as possible to use, but usually there are a few questions:

Will the app work with iOS 11?

Yes - we are working on the v3.0 update now!

How do I use the app?

This is pretty straightforward - touch to cause Fireworks. Repeat. Enjoy 😃

Technically there are three modes to the app:

  1. Normal mode - touch to create fireworks (supports multi-touch too)

  2. Interactive mode - launch the app on multiple devices and send fireworks between them 

  3. Sparkler mode - "draw" with your finger anything you want to write 


Please be aware that the Fireworks app obeys the device's "mute" and volume settings. If you cannot hear the firework explosions please check your device settings.

Why do the  Fireworks sometimes go off at random?

This is the "screen saver" mode meant just for entertainment.

Advertisements? / Why do I sometimes see Ads in the App?

As a small business I've experimented with different business models.  You can do an in-app purchase to disable the ads, if this doesn't work please send us a note and we will help.

Your App is awesome - how can I support you?

You can do the in-app purchase to disable the ads, or you are welcome to send us a donation 🙂

Do you use any iCloud services?

We use iCloud to sync the settings between devices with the same iCloud account. 

What is your privacy policy?

You can find our privacy policy here. We track no personal information about you, all app telemetry is meant to understand which features are the most popular.  Any app crash data goes through Apple and you must 'opt-in' to allow it to be released to us. 

YouTube Videos

You can find a few videos of the original versions Fun Fireworks (and the original testers) here: 

Open Source Credits

Please take a look at our FAQ page.


Thanks to all of my beta-Testers:
Amdou, Cary, Corey, David, Frank, Hilary, Jeremy, Jill, John, Jonathan, Josh, Jürgen, Kaylee, Negar, Paul, Raji, Rob, Robert and Sean


Translation of this application has been performed by Google translation services (, which is far from perfect.  

If you are willing to provide translation services, please contact:

Thank you to to Jürgen R for his German translation (used in a prior version).


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